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Monadnock Full
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2020 Monadnock Full Throttle Triathlon

September 12th, 2020

Race Day Timeline

Registration - 7 AM

Tell us you have arrived and be assigned a bib number. We'll set you up with a tracking bracelet and some pre-race fuel.

Swim - 9 AM

The race begins with a 1/2 mile swim in Thorndike Pond. Immediately following your completion of the swim, you can move to the transition area and then onto the bike event.


The bike event follows a 11.2 mile route around Thorndike Pond. See the map below for the detailed route or turn-by-turn directions. The bike event ends at the campground where there will be a water and fuel station to help you push through the hike.


The 5.3 mile hike starts at the campground and follows the remainder of the road up to the state park. Athletes will climb the White Dot trail, descend the White Cross trail and finish back at the campground. There will be at least 2 water stations along the hike route.


Join us after the race for food, hydration, and ceremonies.

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Fundraising for Little Lambs International

Little Lambs International plans several trips throughout the course of a year for volunteers to come and experience Guatemala. These groups travel to the construction site of our campus style orphanage and help, hands on, with construction and community outreach. You too can join us and make a difference.

To learn more about the Little Lambs International mission, visit

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